Treat your entire body through your feet

In our practice, we offer foot reflexology alongside our other range of massage options.

This complementary therapy treats reflex zones on the feet with the aim of helping the entire body.

Foot reflexology massage was devised by a doctor named William Fitzgerald over 100 years ago. He divided our feet into various reflex zones, assigning different parts of the body to the foot. The toes, for example, correspond to the head and throat. This division is still the basis for our treatments.


Disorders are assigned to the relevant reflex zones and treated through the corresponding part of the foot. By applying different massage techniques and intensities, we can have a positive effect on specific areas of the body. As an added bonus, the treatment strengthens and corrects the body’s healing capacity.


Simply by working on the feet, we can help to treat a wide range of different conditions. The most common indications are muscular tension, digestion problems and headaches. Foot reflexology massage can even be used to support you during your pregnancy.

Suitable massage offers

We offer the following complementary therapies
Classic massage

Classic massage

Classic massage is one of the world’s oldest therapeutic treatments. Its primary functions are to stimulate circulation, decongest the vascular and lymphatic systems, and relax muscles.

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