Massage treatment during pregnancy


Pregnancy is a unique experience which involves a great deal of wonderful and joyous moments. However, the body also undergoes drastic changes.

Because pregnant women carry extra weight and their posture changes, the muscles come under more and different kinds of strain than before the pregnancy. This can lead to various problems for the back and pelvic regions. In the warmer months in particular, it can also cause water retention in the legs.

We offer a range of massage techniques that can be applied safely during pregnancy (though you should discuss this with your gynaecologist in advance). Only during the first three months should you avoid manual therapies.

In our practice, we have a number of postural supports to make your treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible. Thanks to the BodyCushion massage device, it is even possible to receive treatment without any discomfort in the abdominal area. This special cushion system takes pressure off the abdomen and chest and can be adjusted to any body size.

In addition to classic massage, lymphatic drainage also alleviates the typical problems associated with pregnancy, such as water retention. Specific massage techniques are used to stimulate the lymphatic flow and relieve pains. As with classic massage, this treatment can be used from the fourth month of pregnancy until birth.

So, take some time to enjoy these relaxing moments to yourself – at our practice, you’re in safe and experienced hands during every treatment.

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