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kopfschmerzenRelaxation in your muscles – relaxation in your head

In our hectic society, headaches are one of the most common ailments. They range from mild pain to severe attacks. Trigger point therapy and medical massage can help to alleviate headaches, reduce the frequency of attacks, and in many cases, make the pain disappear altogether.

Although there are many different types of headache, most people suffer from migraines and tension headaches (acute or chronic). There are numerous triggers for that hammering sensation in your head, but it is primarily our sedentary and repetitive modern lifestyle that is to blame. Bodies that suffer inappropriate physical strain react by shortening and tensing the muscles, predominantly in the neck and shoulder area. The result? Pain that radiates to other parts of the body. So, for example, a knot in the shoulder muscle frequently turns out to be the trigger for pain in the back of the head or temples. This is why headaches should always be viewed in connection with muscle tension.

On the trigger point

Trigger point therapy should always be applied at the origin of the pain: in the muscles. The therapist presses with fingers or hands to stimulate the muscle mechanically. If this causes the patient to experience pain and leads to twitching in the muscle, the trigger point is localised.
The massage therapist then uses specific movements to stimulate the circulation in the bundle of muscle fibres (or fascicle), stretch the tense and shortened fasciae, loosen knots or any other water build-up (oedema) and thus alleviate pain. The advantage of this therapy is that the effect is immediately noticeable to the patient.
As 80 to 90% of pain syndromes are caused by tight muscles, trigger point therapy is particularly successful for tension headaches and migraines and generally leads to significant pain relief. In many cases, the pain can be removed entirely.

In good hands

Another treatment that is often used as complementary therapy for headaches is medical massage, which for centuries has been known for its healing effect. Nowadays, ancient knowledge is combined with the latest research. The massage therapist uses targeted pressure to work the hardened muscle tone and stimulate the acupuncture points. The tissues relax, energies can flow again, and a therapeutic relaxation sets in.
Whether you opt for medical massage or trigger point therapy: a side effect of both treatments is that loosening the muscle improves restricted mobility, enhancing well-being still further. And, last but not least, both methods are absolutely natural and support the self-healing process.

Individual treatment with a long-lasting effect

No two headaches are the same, just as no two patients are the same. That’s why the success of our treatment rests not just on our broad specialist knowledge and many years of experience, but on individual diagnosis and treatment. We firmly believe that preventative measures have a long-lasting impact.


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