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Neues angepasstes Schutzkonzept

Die Praxis Gurtengasse passt Ihr Schutzkonzept an Anpassung des Schutzkonzeptes per 5. September 2020 Wir ergreifen mit dem Schutzkonzept alle […]


Praxis Gurtengasse ist wieder geöffnet Ab dem 27.4.2020 ist die Praxis Gurtengasse unter Einhaltung des Schutzkonzepts unserer Branche wieder geöffnet. […]

Gift ideas for you

Do you still give Christmas gifts? Or have you sworn off all that stress? Maybe you’re still looking for a little something for your […]

Stay healthy!

  With all this beautiful autumnal weather, it’s impossible to imagine that winter is just around […]

Treat your entire body through your feet

In our practice, we offer foot reflexology alongside our other range of massage options. This complementary therapy treats reflex zones on […]

Massage treatment during pregnancy

  Pregnancy is a unique experience which involves a great deal of wonderful and joyous moments. However, the body also undergoes drastic changes […]

Myokines – the great self-healing power of our bodies

If you play sport and get regular exercise, you will be healthier. There’s more truth and scientific evidence behind […]

Kinesiology – what is it exactly?

Do you ever feel stressed, or have the impression that your life is going nowhere? If so, then kinesiology could be […]


Relaxation in your muscles – relaxation in your head. In our hectic society, headaches are one of the most common ailments. They range […]

Massage Gurtengasse has a new look

You have probably already noticed that we have unveiled a new, fresh corporate design. We have redesigned our entire website […]

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